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Arranging a Funeral


We are here to help you make the decisions to shape the Celebration of Life that befits
the character and wisdom of
the person that has died.
We can help with all arrangements.
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Burials and Cremations
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The Final Resting Place  
When and where to begin?
Find out if there is a Will, a Pre-paid Funeral Plan, both or, written instructions as this may contain requests about funeral arrangements.
Deciding on burial or cremation?
It is up to the executor of the Will or, if no executor is named, the nearest relative to decide whether the deceased is to be buried or cremated. Check whether the deceased left any indication of their wishes.
24 Hour Service
As independent, family funeral directors, we demonstrate total flexibility and as such, we are available to answer any of your questions, to provide help, care, guidance and any support that you may need, 24 hours day - every day, including weekends and Bank Holidays. 
Undertakers Exmouth

"Paul or Penny will be personally responsible for ensuring direct communication and complete responsibility for undertaking your instructions with the upmost care, professionalism, compassion and dignity.

We will be available to you and to act on your behalf throughout this difficult period, offering you the time and guidance you require."


Choosing us as your Funeral Director
  • Funeral services are arranged and conducted by funeral directors - we are local, family, independent Funeral Directors who can help you with all of your arrangements.
  • Funerals are relatively expensive and prices vary considerably. It is wise to obtain an idea of costs prior to engaging an undertaker – personal recommendation is also a good indicator. Our prices and options are clearly outlined on the following page.
  • If a Pre-paid Funeral Plan exists, there may be little or no extra payment required
  • If the applicant is in receipt of a state benefit, they may be able to apply for help with the funeral costs – your funeral director will be able to advise you accordingly
  • A basic funeral does not include the costs of some items you may expect e.g. floral tributes, notices in the local paper and possibly, some disbursements - as funeral director we can advise you further
As your chosen Funeral Director we can help.
As your chosen Funeral Director we will need the following:
  • The Certificate for Burial or Cremation (Green Form from the Registrar) or
  • The Order for Burial (Form 101), which the coroner will have provided where applicable or
  • The Certificate for Cremation (Cremation Form 6), which the coroner will have given to the funeral director where applicable
  • One copy of the Death Certificate if a Pre-paid Funeral Plan exists

If you do not have any the above visit the first steps page for more information below.

Funeral Services and Prices
We offer six set funeral services as well as bespoke options.
See our service summary and comparison to see the cost and
services includes for each.
See Prices Here


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When Someone Dies PDF
When Death Occurs
Dying At Home
Dying Whilst In Professional Care
Death In A Hospital
Sudden Or Unexpected Death
When An Infant Child Dies
Dying Abroad Or Repatriation
Grief and Bereavement
Registry Offices and Contacts
Further Information And Useful Links
What to do when someone dies - The First Steps
  At Exmouth & District Funeral Services, we realise that this is an unusual and difficult time for you. As such, your contact with us is a personal and professional priority. Our primary goal is to be available to you and perform the professional and caring service needed, in order to reduce the burden to you and your family.  
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When Death Occurs
Dying At Home
Dying Whilst In Professional Care
Death In Hospital
Sudden Or Unexpected Death
When A Infant Or Child Dies
Dying Abroad Or Repatriation
Grief And Bereavement
Registry Offices With Contact Details
Further Information And Useful Links
When Death Occurs (PDF)
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Arranging A Funeral
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Charter For Bereavement PDF
The Purpose, Work And Duties Of HM Coroner
Reporting A Death To The Coroner
Certificates Involved With Coroners
When An Inquest Is Needed
The Scope And Purpose Of An Inquest
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