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Non Religious Funeral
Exmouth & District Funeral Services works with a small number of personally selected, 'Humanist' Funeral Celebrants, all of which belong to the British Humanist Association - BHA. This assures that the celebrants have been trained to exacting standards and are personally accredited by the BHA. They are professional, experienced and reliable.

"Humanism is not a religion but a set of principles which hold true that, we have only one life – this 'one.' We therefore need to make the most and the best of this 'one' life for ourselves, for others and for the world we live in. Also, that there is no God but observance of good, moral behaviour which depends not on sacred text handed down via divine beings or prophets but on codes or ethics that we, as intelligent beings, can 'work out' for ourselves."

  • Humanist Funerals can contain whatever our clients wish with the exception of religious content. Part/s of the 'service'/ceremony can be written and delivered by the family and/or friends or the ceremony can be constructed and delivered entirely by the Humanist Funeral Celebrant
  • A full interview and discussion will be arranged with the family at their convenience. Other family and friends may be contacted for information in order to build a very full picture of the person who has died as agreed by the family/representative
  • The Humanist Funeral Celebrant will check the content of the ceremony with our clients before delivering it at the funeral and will also provide a full copy of it to them afterwards
  • The Humanist Funeral Celebrant conducting the ceremony, has been professionally trained and works to a strict Code of Practice

Our carefully selected Humanist Funeral Celebrants provide reassurance to the family. They listen carefully, crucially and ask good questions, sensitively. They provide clear answers and explanations to any questions that you might have about the funeral itself.

The Humanist Funeral Celebrant will work in partnership with you, with us, and everyone involved in the funeral to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout all the proceedings.

Sometimes our clients know they would like a Humanist Funeral in advance. They may have attended a Humanist 'Celebration of Life' previously and consequently, specified or chosen one for themselves.
Like numerous matters related to death and dying, many people haven't given the topic much thought, consideration or discussion and as such, are unaware of the choices available.

Our experience shows that often, shortly after engaging the services of Exmouth & District Funeral Services, this is the first time our clients have any knowledge regarding 'Humanist' funeral ceremonies as an option.

Humanist Funeral Celebrants are strictly atheists and as such, generally, will not include religious content in their services. To accommodate mourners expressing a faith, they will include a quiet time of reflection during the service for prayer or personal thoughts.

Hymns are not normally requested but sometimes, the beliefs of the deceased are not shared by the family, next-of-kin or representative. Some Humanist celebrants will allow the inclusion of hymn music as a part of the celebration. It is quite normal to have other music offerings included. These are mostly by way of a musical, Internet system employed by most crematoria.

It should be stressed that Humanist services are essentially supposed to reflect the beliefs of the person who has died who are also essentially recognised as, atheistic. In some circumstances, it is simply the wish of the person arranging the funeral – sometimes the beliefs of the deceased are unknown.

It should be observed that the words of a prayer or hymn music, may reflect an aspect of the life of the deceased or, has a special meaning and as such, is the choice of loved ones of the deceased. Mostly, if it can be introduced into the funeral ceremony in the correct or explained context, then the official will try to include it. The purpose of the service should remain a principal focus and care should be taken not to erode any emotional significance of the ceremony.

As mentioned above, a BHA trained Humanist Funeral Celebrant, will always include a time in the funeral for those with faith to use for religious reflection or silent prayer. Though humanists have no religious beliefs, they respect the rights of those that do.

Alternatively, families can choose to have a religious funeral conducted by a minister of a faith, religion or alternatively, a Civil Celebrant - we can help with this process very easily. We are extremely experienced in providing all these traditional and popular arrangements.

Paul, Penny and Terry - Exmouth & District Funeral Services and our chosen British Humanist Celebrants aim to provide the most suitable funeral services possible for our clients.

  At Exmouth & District Funeral Services, we realise that this is an unusual and difficult time for you. As such, your contact with us is a personal and professional priority. Our primary goal is to be available to you and perform the professional and caring service needed, in order to reduce the burden to you and your family.  
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